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Hillside School Safety Plan 2013-2014

School Accountability Report Card

Hardcopies of this report are available at your request.

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Today: 11/28/15


What is Toolbox?

The 12 Tools

Breathing Tool
Quiet/Safe Place Tool
Listening Tool
Empathy Tool
Personal Space Tool
Using Our Words Tool
Garbage Can Tool
Taking Time Tool
Please & Thank You Tool
Apology & Forgiveness Tool
Patience Tool
Courage Tool


Toolbox is a K-6 curriculum that supports children in understanding and managing their own emotional, social and academic success.

Children learn 12 simple yet powerful Tools. With practice these tools become valuable personal skills:  self-awareness, self-management and relationship skills; these in turn foster responsible decision-making.  Because the techniques are simple and the language is shared, children adopt the tools and master them quickly.

Toolbox starts with each child, building self-knowledge and self-mastery; it soon improves empathy and communication and helps resolve conflicts in the classroom, playground and whole school community.  Children naturally take these Tools home improving family and home life.



Introduction Video:  https://vimeo.com/52720213


Hillside School Uniform Policy for 2015-2016

We are educating the future doctors, lawyers, educators, CEO’s and entrepreneurs of the world. 

We want to instill an ethic of professionalism and business in all our students.  Most importantly,

we want to demonsrate our unified front to the world, like a uniformed professional sports team. 

We are a team.  Teams wear uniforms for unity and strength.              

Dr. Sharrokkie Hollie, Culture and Language Academy of Success.


Hillside Elementary School implements a Uniform Dress Code Policy.  Uniforms are the same for all grade levels, as follows:



  • Uniform shirts for girls and boys are white or dark blue short or long sleeved polo shirts with or without the Hillside logo
  • Optional blue vest or sweater with or without the Hillside logo
  • Hillside school logo spirit shirts may be worn on designated School Spirit Days
  • NOTE:  Standard department store brands of polo shirts in white or dark blue are acceptable.


  • Uniform pants for girls and boys will consist of: dark blue or black uniform pants.  No jeans (denim).  Standard department store brands of straight-legged trousers in dark blue or black are acceptable.
  • Uniform shorts, skorts,  jumpers or skirts will consist of: navy blue or black shorts, skorts, jumpers or skirts
  • Girls may wear socks, tights or leggings  in solid white or navy blue (no holes) under their skorts or skirts


  • Appropriate shoes must be worn. Shoes must close with Velcro or with laces. 


  • Acceptable outerwear for the classroom is limited to blue vest, sweater or sweatshirt with or without Hillside logo: no emblem, logos, decorations trim will be allowed.


Free Dress Day will be held once each month on Hillside Spirit Days.  

The San Lorenzo USD Dress Code will be followed at all times. 


Discipline Guidelines for Uniforms

Students shall not be considered in violation of the Uniform Dress Policy in the following instances:

  • During the ten (10) school days after transferring from an out of district school or another SLZUSD school.
  • When a parent has secured an Opt-Out Waiver from the district
  • When authorized by the Principal


Parents or Guardians have the right to apply for a waiver if they wish to have their children exempted from the uniform requirement.  Requests for waivers and assistance will be available in the school office.  These requests will be processed in an efficient manner.


Uniform Policy

All families will receive a Uniform Policy packet (also available in the main office).  We ask that all students wear uniform clothing stated in the packet on the first day of school. 


Uniform clothing can be purchase at:



JC Penneys

Old Navy



Procedures for Exemption

Parents/guardians may request an exemption from the  School Uniform Policy by submitting a written request to the school principal, prior to the beginning of each year or at the time an exemption may become existent.  A request for an exemption must be made within 10 school days from the effective date that the  School Uniform Policy is implemented, or from the date that the student is initially enrolled.  When parents/guardians seek immediate exemption from the Policy, the following procedures must be observed:

A written request for an exemption must be made and submitted to the school principal by using the Application for Exemption Form which may be obtained from the principal or office staff.  The application must be fully and correctly completed.


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